Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Baby Shower

The Knitting Guild meeting is just around the corner, and we are going to have this wonderful event: April Baby Shower, which is a contest on knitted baby items.  Some will be for display.  Others will be donated to the MGH Newborn Family Unit. 

Every year, approximately 3,500 babies are delivered at MGH.  There are a number of families who have babies at MGH (or any other hospitals) going through difficult times and cannot afford baby clothing.  April Baby Shower is to be held to encourage the guild members to knit baby items for such families, so when families go home, they can have some clothes in hand which will keep babies warm.  I do not mind knitting baby items to donate.  They are adorable and quick.  An instant gratification! 

My plan was knitting two rompers: pink and lavender, and probably attach white angel wings.  I did a massive research for rompers, and finally chose one pattern.  Very satisfying.  Do I have enough yarn?  Check.  Do I have necessary needles?  Check.  Do I have all the knitting accessories?  Check.  Most importantly, do I understand the pattern?  Check. 

I started to knit a pink one.  It all went well from the beginning to almost to the end.  I was almost there. 

I finished the body, then I started edges of neck, arm holes and finished one leg hole.  And the yarn ran out.  Yes, that's it.  I have no more yarn. 

When I was knitting, I thought the body came out strangely large.  It was weird because my yarn was thinner than the pattern suggested, and so were needles.  Needless to say, I had a plenty of yarn. 

I was confused and wanted to investigate why, but I really do not have a time to do so right now.  The guild meeting is next Thursday.  I want to participate in the competition badly because whenever the guild has similar events, having my effort recognized is so nice. 

Luckily, I found another pattern last night.  This one is significantly smaller.  I started this one in lavender.  I still hope to make two.  If the latter pattern comes out good, I will rip the pink one above, and make the latter pattern in pink.

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