Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I usually do not shop to make myself happy.  I mean I do not go out purposelessly and look for things.  When I shop, I am very goal oriented.  I shop because I need.  And I know what I need.

My husband gave me a $200 gift certificate from Newbury Yarns for Christmas.  For $200, you can buy very nice yarns, a lot of them.  I needed a well-sort-out plan to use this gift certificate.

I checked my favorites stored in my Ravelry account.  Examined what I like to knit, made a list, and revised the list multiple times. There are several things which I always admire and make me want to knit no matter what or when.   If I buy yarns for them, there will be no regrets.

I chose three patterns, and went to Newbury Yarns with my list in my hand, well actually my list was in my iphone.

The first one is Julie Hoover's Portis.  Portis is a very thin poncho.  The patter is here.  Although it requires only two colors, I plan to use three.  For Portis, I bought The Figre Company's Meadow.


The second one is Pickles's Coat with A Twist.  This sweater coat looks like something you could find at Anthropologie.   The patter is here.  I purchased Galler's Peruvian Weed, 100% superfine alpaca.  This yarn is amazing.  So light and squishy.  It would be a main one.  I still need to buy mohair to knit with.  But mohair?  It might be itchy.  I have to find alternatives.

The last one is Espace Tricot's Aise.  The pattern is here.  It is a light wrap.  I need some kind of wrap because I am always cold.  I like the fact that this wrap is very thin and perfect for air conditioned room in summer.


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