Friday, February 28, 2014

Are you tired of the long cold winter?

Obviously, this winter in Boston is beyond anyone's patience.  I enjoy winter, but hello, today is the last day of February.  Couldn't it be a little bit warmer?  I am checking out weather reports of foreign cities, which we tend to assume their winter is much worse than ours.  Let's see...  It is 34 degrees in Moscow, fair.  What about St. Petersburg?  It is 36 degrees, fair.  How about our Boston?  It is 17F and sunny.  It is bright out in sort of scary way.  I wonder such brightness is because we are really close to spring or because it is one of those days when it is extremely cold because of the radiant cooling effect.

If the temperature is like this for the extended period of time, I simply cannot take out Missy long enough.  I put booties and a down jacket on her, take her out and come home ASAP.  She is clearly bored. 

I finished the baby blanket. Hooray!  It turned out fabulous. It was donated to MGH through the Knitting Guild last week. 

The scarf for my husband is still in progress.  I couldn't finish before Valentine's Day, and only a half way through.

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