Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Half Way to Spring

I heard today is a half way through to Spring meteorologically.  Our amaryllis missed a holiday blooming, but it is finally blooming!

8am: 1.5 cm wide!
2pm: 2.0 cm wide!
See the difference? 
Tomorrow is the day for a monthly meeting of Greater Boston Knitting Guild.  I had been to other knitting groups, but this one is the best.  The main purpose of the guild is learning.  What we learn is absolutely top notch.  We have fantastic guest speakers as well as workshops.  Also, the guild provides a variety of community outreach opportunities.  I know organizing and coordinating those takes time and requires an enormous amount of care.  I will donate a couple of hats for very young boys tomorrow.  I think the hats are really cute.  It is my pattern but I modified a pattern that I found in a book which was a gift from my friend.  I hope they will provide with a little warmth during the harsh New England winter. 


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