Monday, January 13, 2014


Despite the nice weather yesterday, I spent most of my day at home grooming my dog Missy.  After the recent snow, rain and slush, Missy started to look filthy and neglected.  I also noticed that Missy's fur had gotten so many knots, which needed to be removed in order to prevent her from developing skin issues. 

I was so motivated to tackle the problem that I decided to thoroughly clean her.  I combed, trimmed and brushed forever, and then, I took her to our bath tub to shampoo.  Missy did not like the whole process at all.  She looked so sad and miserable.

The originally planned one hour bath turned out to be a three hour beauty session.  By the way, whenever I use or hear words like "beauty session" for pets, I curl my toes. It sounds too leisurely and a kind of embarrassing.  All right, I call it "a domestic animal health maintenance practice". 

I am so happy that most of the knots were gone.  Last time when we brought Missy to a groomer, I was charged $10+ just to remove knots in addition to her ordinary haircut.  I thought it was ridiculous to be charged for it, but I understand now.  It is a truly time consuming process.

Now she smells clean and is as beautiful as she should be.  I hope she feels much more comfortable because her legs and belly does not taste like salt anymore.  And her skin breathes well this way.

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