Friday, January 17, 2014


I went to a meeting of Boston Knitting Guild yesterday.  This is where we get together once a month.  It is Trinity Church of Boston.  Isn't the building beautiful?

The meeting was a lot of fun as always.  We had in-house workshops, and I took a diagonal knitting class.  My teacher who is also a guild member was absolutely fantastic.  When it comes to diagonal knitting, I think it is essential to understand the concept.  It is not hard once you get it, but if you don't get, it is very confusing.  Especially first four rows or so, you have to have a faith to what you are doing.  I found diagonal knitting theraputic.  It is a good project when you cannot follow an instruction, like when you are on a train or watching TV.  Would you check out what I learned?

I enjoy looking at how the garment grows.  This will be a baby blanket.  I think the combination of cream and white look really good.  I plan to donate this when it is done.  It will be beautiful.  I also use this as a decoy.  When my husband comes in a room when I am working on the scarf for him, I hide the scarf and pick up the blanket and knit.  This way, I pretend as if I work on the blanket all the time.

When I came home, guess what I saw?  My amaryllis took a nose dive because it was top heavy.  Our condo is very shady and there is no place where plants get enough sun.  The amaryllis grew white and as tall as 75cm.  It is a monster!


Three plump buds were gone, but it still has one remaining.  Hope it blooms beautifully soon.

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