Friday, January 24, 2014

Blanket in Garter Stitch

I keep knitting the diagonal blanket.  The first half is done.  I am pleased how it is turning out despite the simple garter stitch that I am using.  Was it Bon Point who sold garter stitched baby outfit in beige years ago?  Or was it Jacardi?  I remember it was very chic.  I also like the edges.  It is nice and tapered.  I am thinking about adding crocheted edges in pink.  I am not certain if I should do it or not.  Of course, it will not look bad, but could it be more sophisticated without extra edging? 
Of course, Missy claims it to be hers.  What a strange dog!

She has been barking, and I do not know what she wants.  Look at her face.  She looked so determined.  Does she wants treats?

I started to wonder if she is looking at something.  She is practically staring and barking at the upper kitchen cabinets.  There is nothing that she can eat up there.



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